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Content that delivers results

It's taken for granted that any PR person will be able to write the traditional tools of the trade, including press releases and articles, on behalf of their clients.

At Waves that empathy with customers (or personas in digital marketing speak) translates into wider business and marketing success. We've even written film and video scripts.

With an excellent understanding of messaging and company positioning, tone of voice and how words may be received, Waves works closely with customers to get the communications right, constantly evolving and learning what really works for each client.

Backed, of course, with journalistic and marketing experience.

We're delighted to quote for projects - do contact us with your brief.

Be found. Be effective


Being a good writer is one thing.

Having empathy with what the customer needs and will relate to is another.

Let Waves help with articles and blogs, with due deference to both customers and those all important search engines.

Demonstrate expertise. 


Downloadable materials need time and attention, and having a third party cut through the detail to create invaluable, reusable content.

From planning to execution, from writing (even commissioning and managing technical and specialist/celebrity writers) to project managing design, and ultimately to dissemination, Waves can support every stage of the process.

Flexible, effective materials


Whether for print or download, marketing materials need to work hard to justify the cost and effort.

Sensitive handling of customer stories, positioning products in a way that speaks to customers, cutting through jargon... support your sales efforts with a quick, efficient, flexible, fuss free service.

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