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The Secrets of Successful PR Stunts

August 21, 2017


Ideas are ‘two a penny’ – but effective and ‘on brand’ stunts are harder. PR Moment has published ‘The Secrets to The Perfect PR Stunt’ to help.


In it, I’ve argued that details will kill or cure – because (whatever anyone tells you) there is such a thing as bad publicity!


Here are four simple tips toward ensuring success:


1. Audience and objectives:

  • Is the stunt going to reinforce and enhance your brand?

  • Will observers/participants be delighted?

  • How do you want them to feel?

  • What do you want them to remember?


(In the same vein, are any celebrities you use likely to be strong brand ambassadors or potential liabilities? Do they really add value?) 


2. Execution:

‘Belt and braces’ planning is essential.



Simulate as much as possible without removing any element of surprise. Cover every eventuality.

Parcel arriving? What about courier access? Will security know what to do?

Lighting: where’s the power point? Do you need extension cables/ generators in reserve?


Think through the detail!


3. Co-ordination

Ensure everyone’s been briefed, together and at the same time, and that there’s a timed plan. If necessary, synchronise watches.


4. Crisis contingency plan:

What might go wrong? Can the brand sit with people’s wrath if the stunt has disrupted travel or peace or defiled somewhere they hold dear? How could someone get hurt, and what have you done to minimise the risk?


What’s ‘Plan B’?  If you’ve ordered pyrotechnics for the day that an event like Grenfell happens, or an artificial tidal wave on the day a real one hits, who will make the decision to pull?



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