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Music for Campaigns

October 13, 2011




Ahead of an event on music and PR, Gareth Cousins, Composer and Producer of Music for Advertising, Film and TV,  offered the lowdown on commissioning music for PR purposes:


It is pretty much taken for granted that music is an important part of any advertising, marketing or branding campaign. (Ed – just think of Right Here, Right Now in the Socialnomics viral video that does the rounds) The practice of using music in film and television has long since passed into common practice for all moving image media, from films to commercials to websites and everything between. But despite this it can be very hard to find information on how to find and brief a composer, the rights that you will need, or the costs involved:

  • Why does my campaign need music?

  • Finding the music you need

  • Briefing a Composer?

  • Budgets 

  • Rights



You already know that you need music in your campaign, or you would not have got this far. I hope you find as much enjoyment in Banjolele as I have always found in composing music for picture. If there are any unanswered questions, please do get in touch.



Gareth Cousins has 25 years experience in working on music for picture. Originally trained as an engineer/producer at EMI’s Abbey Road Studios, he has since become a busy producer and composer of music for film, television and advertising.

Recent commercial work includes FIFA (2014 World Cup), Rolls-Royce, MIG, Motorola and Cadbury.




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