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How to Lose Twitter Followers

December 30, 2017



Clearing down my blog to migrate to this new site, I came across an old one, detailing how I had  suddenly gained hundreds of followers on Twitter, which (ironically) lead me to some analysis of what had won and lost followers on my main account, @claireatwaves.


(I kept the image from the original blog, a relic of a bygone Twitter era, when things were more playful and the World was learning about new tools.)


The blog comes with a proviso: we are all different, and what's true for me online will not hold true for others. 


The tools I used for analysis then are now redundant, but a quick Google search will reveal numerous tools. (Just be aware of the information that you're giving to any free tool and what it may be used for.)


What better time than the end of a year and a new website to remind oneself of the things people don't/didn't want or need from me, and caused them to vote with their 'unfollow' button:


-Tweeting @people, making meeting arrangements etc – conversations that were essentially between two or three people. This is the equivalent of having a loud conversation on  a train – it’s not relevant to anyone except the participants, and becomes annoying to others; 

– Tweeting photos and links to personal things that should be kept separate ie completely off PR/marketing/digital/campaigning topics; 

– Political comment  - although as a passionate believer that education can be better delivered, and that social media should be used for social good, this perhaps needs balance. And the international political situation is currently comedy gold. So the learning here is, I feel, balance, and not to be concerned about these 'unfollows' (on my account -this doesn't hold true for everyone). 

– Triteness (kisses to friends and smiley faces). Really, I should know better than this anyway.


The way I use most of my other social spaces is more controlled, more one to one, less open than Twitter, but the reminder has certainly been food for thought in 2018. And provides a valuable insight into what people really want from me on Twitter - my professional rather than personal comment, albeit in a highly personal way. Which, of course. is the same advice I offer clients....




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