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Digital Growth Day

September 22, 2014


The end of last week saw the London Digital Growth Day, a  day of great talks and presentations at London’s TechHub, followed by the humming Digital Summer Party.


The two talks that I  found most  interesting were ‘Disruptive Content’, by Microsoft (was Nokia) with some insights from the social media team, and a talk by Sam Noble of Koozai on the thin line between personal and social presences. Sam’s talk was a great discussion based on their approach to the ownership of social media presences, and one I’m contemplating building out to a blog for State of Social. 


(Incidentally, my last post there was on Social Media Guidelines.)


A couple of interesting points (worth sharing) made included:

  • where the language used is less instructional, less KPI driven, content travels better (common sense, but they have backed it with data)

  • a nice idea regarding different people/departments owning the Twitter account for a week at a time (I’m going to suggest this for one of my own clients)

  •  yes, use of celebrities still works!

  •  I liked the way they had described their customer journey on the path from social media to sales: join, see, talk, share, buy. Unsophisticated but simple to understand, and easy to place a person in the right place/change tone/adapt accordingly.

  • a focus on the importance of empowered employees

  • clever newsjacking (and they have done this brilliantly) needs preparation – and having a designer on your team is almost essential!

I do have to take issue with two things:

  • yoof’ mindset – anyone under 30 does ‘fun’, anyone over 30 gets ‘business’. That’s a somewhat depressing (and limiting) view on life, and indicates that sadly, even after all of this time, there is a tendency to look at age based, rather than interest based, demographics even in supposedly leading edge fields.

  • measurement of the campaigns was largely in follower numbers and, possibly more valid, shares. I would like to see more sound measurement, perhaps analysed by click throughs on their website or monitoring brand awareness/brand perception shifts.

Overall, the talk fell into a World view to which I can’t help but subscribe: people buy from people. However, they also trust brands, and Microsoft has been brave losing the ‘Nokia’ branding. Microsoft can’t afford to lose the battle for mobile hearts, and the technology alone will never be enough.


(Well done to Gus Ferguson and his team/OMN for well put together event, with thanks to the various sponsors, including Majestic.)

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