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Crisis Management: Learning from Clients

April 7, 2010



For obvious reasons, I rarely blog about my crisis management clients – but this time round, I’ve learned something new.


I have been working on a crisis management project with an industrial technology company which fell foul of two conflicting pieces of (health and safety related) legislation.


In all my PR years, I have never demanded of a senior executive that they cancel all meetings and take two days out to call each member of staff individually – but after our conversations that’s exactly what this MD did – 120 phone calls, each on an individual pretext.


This wonderful man has taught me never to aim low again.


Whilst we had opened doors for staff to ask questions, he had taken this one step further and ensured that everyone had an opportunity to express any fears or uncertainty and knew the whole situation/had answers for the people they deal with.


This personal touch cost him two days work, but the loyalty that this has inspired in me, let alone the staff he reached out to, is something that money just can’t buy.


In future I shall demand more of my clients as they deal with their crises!

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