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On Getting the Details Right

August 15, 2017



I confess to having had my eye off the ball of one small detail in my crisis management practise: I hadn’t considered a back up to my trusted mobile phone.


That’s pretty much the summary of my most recent personal (as opposed to client) article on LinkedIn – The Cobblers Childrens’ Crisis – which may have more background than strictly needed, but which asks several important questions:

  1. Assuming you have the data on your business mobile phone backed up, do you know what’s being backed up and how to restore it?

  2. If you don’t have a mobile phone back up, why not?

  3. Do you have back up hardware as well as backing up your data?

I hope that confessing my little blip can help readers of this article review their own tech/mobile set up and prevent problems before they happen.

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