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Talking at the BFA on Crisis Management

December 1, 2016


Warming up to speaking at the BFA (British Franchise Association) specialist forum, a talk on “PR Crisis Management’ 


This Thursday I shall be speaking at the BFA (British Franchise Association) specialist forum on “PR Crisis Management – imperative for protecting any brand.”


Crisis management – and crisis preparedness – are an essential tool in any business’ armoury - but, according to Roger from BestForTheKids. particularly for franchises, where the business someone operates in is their own, but their behaviour and actions affect your brand,


A crisis can be stormy, uncomfortable waters until someone offers  a lifeline- and it’s often only someone external, not caught up in the emotion of events, who can offer the insight to help you through.


In a crisis, things escalate fast. In a crisis in a franchise, there’s a lot more complexity, and often a lot more at stake – franchisor, franchisee, customers, staff, partners all stand to lose a lot unless a crisis is well managed.


Yet a well managed crisis can often turn around to create a better relationship with all of the above.


Whilst working last year for a franchisor, an apparently lovely franchisee did something dumb. Her version of events made the actions and reactions sound like a storm in a teacup – until it became apparent that she was perhaps not telling the whole truth.


Police involvement, third party witnesses and a video that went viral (social media) very quickly demanded a lot of work on the franchisors side to protect their brand and hold steady the other franchisees – some of whom were directly targeted by an angry public as a result of the rogue franchisee’s actions and subsequent lies.


I loved working with them. We had to establish a lot of trust in each other very quickly, and working together we turned things around. It wasn’t a comfortable experience for anyone concerned, but – on the face of things at least –  they came out better for the experience at the other end.


It’s a pattern I’ve seen across numerous crises that I’ve been called in to help manage. So I’m really looking forward to sharing some experiences and helpful tips at the BFA panel, which includes talks on:

  • Encouraging franchisees to take their business to the next level

  • How to utilise franchise councils as an effective communication tool within your network

  • Increasing your network profitability without increasing your network

  • Top 10 data protection issues you need to know

If you’re coming along, don’t forget to pop by and say hello in person- my mobile number is 07771 817015 if you’re there and would like to prearrange a chat over a coffee.


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