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An Introduction to Halima, by Halima

August 16, 2011


Whilst my coffee making skills are close to magnificent, I am thrilled to be working as a pro active and contributing intern for Waves PR, alongside Claire (Thompson).

My name is Halima Amin, a third year University student and aspiring writer who has been collecting experience in both the PR and journalism (mostly review and interview) fields .


I’ve completed an internship at WhatsOn Magazine based in Birmingham and am currently a contributing writer to both Music-News.com and Alternative Magazine Online. Whilst my future will most definitely involve all kinds of writing, I aim to also further myself in the PR field. The appeal of working on both sides of the fence, as a writer and in press relations, lies in the dynamism of the PR industry.


I’m hoping to exercise my intuition, organisational skills and network within the PR world. Claire has already started to give me wonderful insight and encouragement in the world of PR. I’m beginning to collate information and reach out to organise events with and for Waves as opposed to runs to Starbucks and collecting the boss’ laundry (genuine past experience, my life is ever the sitcom).


The main project that has my full attention at the moment is the organisation of a meet up based around Apps, with people in PR around the South of England and mobile phone/iPad app developers. Keep an eye out for updates!


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