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Digital marketing is best lead from a PR perspective.

In the rush to optimise and use data to deliver, often things like user intent or messaging and reputation can get lost. And a lot of work goes into gaming search engines rather than simply doing the right thing.

Waves partners with elite specialists for development work, for SEO, for the setting up of Adwords accounts, sophisticated analytics, and the like, knowing that these best of breed specialists dedicate their lives to data driven approaches that can make a web presence hum and to keeping abreast of their own specialist areas.

PR's role is a leading, strategic one. To empathise with the user and their online - and often offline - experience. (Call it avatar creation if you will.) To create and commission compelling content and experiences. To craft brand messages and consider effect on the consumer (including B2B consumers). To measure what's relevant (giving it only the weight it deserves) and what matters. To set goals and drive forward.

With a terrific track record of programmes that deliver, never be afraid to contact Waves for a chat. Depending upon your own definition and needs, if Waves can't help, we'll probably know someone who can.

Don't take it from me...

Client reference

Claire is an exceptional marketer who possesses both traditional marketing and new digital marketing methods.

Claire focused on understanding our customers and how best we could communicate them which resulted in a high level of engagement with our customers.


Claire is highly committed and exceptionally hard working. Claire is also very creative and a good writer.

Therefore, she is able to run with campaigns from conception to execution. Claire delivered the full marketing mix for us and I would highly recommend her.