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Guidance through stormy seas


The dictionary definition of crisis management is:

“the process by which a business or other organisation deals with a sudden emergency situation”

Of course, the best way to deal with a crisis is to be prepared, but sometimes things – usually the unexpected – just happen.

There are many formulae and methodologies for preparing crisis communications.

Ultimately there are so many ‘unpredictables’ to factor in  that any amount of planning can’t cover everything - although knowing what to do can prevent a drama from becoming a crisis or "head it off at the pass".

From suppliers to staff family and partners, from accidents to wilful misbehaviour, organisations will sometimes find themselves in the eye of a storm.

And whilst a communications crisis once used to be ‘There will be something in the paper tomorrow’, today it can blow up in seconds through social and broadcast media.

Great crisis communications can prevent an issue becoming a drama, or a drama becoming a crisis – and it’s usually possible to turn things around so well that you earn additional loyalty from existing and new customers/service users.

Peer nominated for awards, the services that Waves PR can offer include:

  • crisis preparedness (a communications plan and methodology, tailored to meet your individual needs and operations, to work alongside existing operational crisis plans – although sometimes the communications piece is the one that spurs others to action);

  • crisis consultancy (a sounding board when organisations and agencies just ned a little sound, confidential third party advice);

  • crisis communications handling (helping you navigate ‘stormy waters’);

  • post crisis ‘rehab’ (turning a crisis to your advantage and/or putting it well and truly behind you, and examining what can, and should be, learned/changed going forward).

Related services include:

As this service is highly confidential, details can be discussed in general terms on request, and references offered. 

In broad outline, the cases Waves PR has worked on include: a mistake made by a staff member who made things worse by covering up; a test legal case; Health and Safety regulatory action; faulty consumer electronics goods; a high profile family member’s actions having an impact on a listed company and its staff; and a celebrity agency with a problem.

Crisis management support is  offered:

  • directly to clients as a stand alone (project) service;

  • to agencies on a project basis as required;

  • as part of a full PR programme.​

Please note:   I can only represent people in crises which do not conflict with my own moral and ethical codes.


A representative selection

Thank you for your hard work in support of [client name removed]

I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Specialist media training agency

Evening Claire, Thank you for sending this over [my invoice] and also for your generous accounting of the time that you put in to managing this situation for us.

"Both [my wife] and I really appreciate the work that you put in to take control of this incident and guide us through it and are incredibly grateful to you for giving us your time at the drop of a hat to assist us. We hope that no one we know will ever find themselves in the situation we did, but if they do we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services."

Mid-sized franchise operation

I doubt [my client] realises just how much work we put in. You made it look easy.

Thank you

Freelance Marketing Director