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A round up of just a few of the best practise commitments made by Waves PR


A short list of five easy things for PR/communicators to help redress some parts of gender imbalance. to which Waves PR is committed:

1. Say no to airbrushing.

2. Brief photographers well to develop great images without sexualising models.

3. Brief spokeswomen to present a business, rather than gender-biased, image, for the sake of their own careers.

4. Say no to media/coverage opportunities that trivialise women’s roles in business.

5. Put in extra effort to promote our female spokespeople to conference and seminar organisers.


1.Observe the highest standards in the practice of Public Relations and Communications.

2. Deal fairly and honestly with fellow members and professionals, the Public Relations and Communications profession, other professions, suppliers, intermediaries, the media of communication, colleagues, and above all else the public. 

3, Conduct professional activities with proper regard to the public interest.

4. Respect the truth and shall not disseminate false or misleading information knowingly or recklessly, and to use proper care to avoid doing so inadvertently.

5. Transparency: to declare the actual interest of any organisation with which Waves may be professionally concerned

6. When working in association with other professionals, identify and respect the codes of these professions and shall not knowingly be party to any breach of such codes.

7. Honour confidences received or given in the course of professional activity.

8.  Neither propose nor undertake any action which would constitute an improper influence on organs of government, or on legislation, or on the media of communication.

9. Neither offer nor give any inducement to persons holding public office or members of any statutory body or organisation who are not directors, executives or retained consultants, with intent to further the interests of the organisation if such action is inconsistent with the public interest.

10. Adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and truth, avoiding extravagant claims or unfair comparisons and giving credit for ideas and words borrowed from others.

(See the full charter: Code of Conduct​.)


1. Ensuring that all stakeholders understand their representation, what can be delivered and achieved, and what other parties must do in order to enable the desired result.

2. Openness about representing clients 

3. Checking the reliability and accuracy of information before dissemination.


And to put right/correct any inadvertent mistakes in this regard as soon as possible.

Commitment: Data Protection

Compliant for Waves, compliant for clients 

Waves PR

  • uses information only in ways that people reasonably expect. 

  • considers the impact of  processing information and seeks to avoid any unjustified adverse effects 

  • aims to be totally transparent about how your data is used 

The company seeks to comply with the GDPR, with DMA and PRCA guidelines, and with current  UK legislation, demanding the same of its suppliers.