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Social Media Week: donkeys, kimonos and straws

By Claire Thompson, Waves PR

A quick flick through Social Media Week in a Powerpoint.

I’ll leave others to explain references to donkey’s kimonos and straws!

Twestival 2011

Twestival Local
Image by cambodia4kidsorg via Flickr

So now it’s official.

Twestival 2011 will be a ‘Twestival Local’ – benefiting smaller, locally chosen charities.

A good place for charities wanting to be considered is to go to the Twestival site and register to be kept in touch. And similarly for volunteers who want to be involved this time.

Standards keep getting higher all the time, so the next one should be awesome!

Claire Thompson, Freelance PR Consultant, Waves PR (co-ordinator for Twestival in the UK)

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Bring it on!

Claire Thompson, Freelance PR Consultant, Waves PR

So, my Twestival organisers challenge is to have wet sponges thrown at me.

You can buy a sponge here:

Clever geek Dan Benton has created a catapult:’s-in-the-stocks/

And this Sunday (April 28) afternoon, for a period of one hour only,  he’s rigging up the cameras and the catapult so that a sponge can be automatically flung for each pound donated, and, broadband connections and weather permitting, the donors name will appear across the bottom of the screen as the sponge goes flying.

Below is a video of the practise run.  It has to be worth a pound, surely!

Getting soggy for Twestival from claire thompson on Vimeo.

Please note that this was delayed from Thursday because Dan has a new job (congratulations Dan!) and I was at the House dontcha know! And funnily enough, Thursday was quite a busy day…

You Know You’re a Twestival Organiser When…

  1. At least once over the past week you’ve been prepared to throw it all away for a good night’s sleep
  2. At least one person has let you down, at least once
  3. At least one person has amazed you by pulling something off that you never thought they would
  4. People ask you do things yesterday… and you do!
  5. Your friends and partners have been wondering who replaced their normally lovable friend with that person hunched over phones and PCs til 2am daily
  6. You deserve a nice long drink, but need to curl up with a cocoa
  7. You can write Twestival in the dust in your home, but hey – it’s a low priority task!
  8. Your head’s been hurting for ages, but today it hurts in a different kind of way
  9. You have a smug look on your face knowing that we set out to better last year’s totals – and absolutely nailed it!
  10. Yesterday you were swearing ‘never again’, but today you’re talking about ‘next time’…

Twestival Global was held on March 25. Volunteers from across the globe came together  to prove the principle  of  ‘social media for social good’. Over $300k has already been raised for development charity Concern, still rising as we follow the sun around the globe. You can donate here:

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