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Old tech, new tech

Social email provider has published the results of a study which shows that only 10% of CIOs on the Fortune 250 and Global 250 lists are active participants in public social networks.

The 10% that do have social credentials show they understand what it takes to drive business transformation by using social tools to help flatten hierarchies, speed up business processes, and boost efficiency and agility through collaboration. It’s no surprise to find Google’s Benjamin Fried or Microsoft’s Anthony Scott on the list, and I’ve long been aware that SAP has been working hard at social (plus it’s a tech company). It would be tragic if Omnicom Group weren’t socially aware, and Office Depot has a strong commercial reason to be ‘social. Royal Bank of Scotland’s Ian Alderton is in a market where all kinds of technology has to be harnessed for competitive advantage, but the one that strikes me as the very strongest indicator widespread acceptance of social media is Cora Carmody of Jacobs Engineering Group – a real business to business operation.

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HR and Talent Management Software

HR Software Analyst Kyle Lagunas

HR software analyst Kyle Lagunas has written an interesting round up on his view of the HR and talent management software market for my blog at IT Toolbox.

SAP and Salesforce are not names you’d naturally associate with startups, but Kyle puts an interesting complexion on the market.  HR and Talent Management is well worth a read.

Waves PR and Aia Software

By Claire Thompson,. freelance PR Consultant, Waves PR


Aia logo

When my Dutch PR colleague Ingrid Wong asked if I could offer some support for Aia Software, a document creation and management company, I was intrigued. It was a great opportunity to work with Ingrid again, but document management?

When I looked at the client, it all made sense: they have a great mix of maxing documents that are regularly created (insurance documents and contracts, forms etc) but the user still needs a little bit of freedom.

I’m only offering a little ancialliary support (no capacity for much more than that) but they, and Ingrid, are great to work with, so I could hardly say no. You can see more about them on the Waves PR  AIA Software UK media/blogger resources page. You can sign up there to receive regular news.

And they just announced that they won an award from analyst firm Celent. Great start!

Google + at thupr

Blog by Claire Thompson, freelance PR consultant, Waves PR

So Friday saw the thupr event on Google + and whilst it was small it was great. It was an opportunity for co-discovery, a chance for people at the coal face to really sit and talk about what it is and what it means. This was everything I had hoped thupr would be when it was first set up a good 18 months ago now.

Here was a group of people from very different communications backgrounds looking at a new tool and relating it to their own working lives.

This is my take on what we looked at from my perspective working within PR/social media. I hope others will share their own perspectives.


Google + on screen

Google + at thupr event


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