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Press release distribution services – a survey

With my SEO PR Training hat on, we’re collating information on press release distribution services which will be published next month.

If you are from a service that would like to be included, you can complete your details here:

And if you’ve used a service and would like to offer some feedback, you can do so here:


We haven’t surveyed the recipients of releases (aggregation sites, journalists and bloggers)  yet: there would be all kinds of flaws with any such survey, but we  are considering ways to do this without running the risk of increasing spam from the ill informed to them.




PR clinic at A4U


I’m going to be giving a PR clinic at A4U London (18-19 October, 2011) with my SEO PR Training hat on.

A4U is an affiliate conference, and area I know less about than SEO (search engine optimisation), but my partner at SEO PR Training, Nichola Stott, has been trying hard to educate me.

The A4U clinics should be a lot of fun, and at SEO PR Training we have a discount code for those who want to attend, but haven’t already got tickets, the code SEOPR10 will earn you a 10% discount.

PR Pays Its Way

Today has been a storming day.

Speaking to a client today, they fed back that at least three good, long term B2B contracts have resulted from their PR work.

The interesting thing is that their campaign has been mainly local media relations with a spattering of social media, which they’ve good heartedly embraced but know they have a way to go. We also did a little web refresh to make their website more accessible and findable. Just the basis, not full on SEO, but enough to double traffic almost immediately.

I continue to argue my corner that reaching the audiences who want to hear about you isn’t about sticking to a single communications channel (‘social’, ‘online’, ‘print’) but about working out the habits and preferences of customers. In this case, at least, it’s paid for itself several times over!


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SEO My PR Blog: a lesson in going analogue

With my ‘other’ hat on at SEO PR Training, we have been working on an event: SEO My PR Blog, designed to demonstrate the value of our training to PR people by giving them a taster applied to their own blogs. (Note to PRs – SEO folk are very aware of PR’s value and are far more likely to be trading on your turf than you think. But that’s another story.)

We thought about email invites, but as an early stage company with a limited marketing budget, and therefore no huge brand presence as yet, we decided that ‘delete’ would probably be the action of choice for most PR people.  So we sent out a well designed, printed up invite:


Guess what? People remembered it! When I called around, almost without exception, people remembered having had their invite.

Now I’m not suggesting hard copy invites for everything, but this made us very memorable, so for those out of the ordinary events, analogue may be the best way to grab attention for ‘digital’.

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