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Reading Geek Night, March 2010

Claire Thompson, freelance PR consultant, Waves PR

Reading Geek Night is a monthly gathering bringing together folk who have something to share about technology.  Reading boasts more than its share of technology companies, from established players like Microsoft and Oracle through to upstarts like Tweetmeme.

Proof that the toilet seat debate doesn't matter

Employers have been quick to suss that there’s a room full of talent, as witnessed by announcements of vacancies made around the room, both in person and by announcement.

What lured this room full of talent last night were four presentations, all very different, all equally interesting in very different ways.

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Is broadband a human right?

Claire Thompson, freelance PR consultant, Waves PR

Following on from last week’s Amnesty International talk, I promised to write up some short posts around subjects arising from the event.

Panel at Amnesty International Debate

The first of these was:  is broadband a human right?

Now before you laugh me out of the blogosphere, consider this:

– across the globe, dictators are wanting to block it/deny access to it. There’s a reason for this!

– increasingly, governments are using the Internet to create access to their services.

Now note that this suggestion doesn’t say’ broadband to the home’ – just access to broadband.

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Oh Blackberry

Claire Thompson, Freelance PR Consultant, Waves PR

Oh Blackberry, Blackberry, Blackberry

I want to love my replacement Blackberry Storm. I want to feel the way I felt when I opened my first Blackberry. I want to forget that I ever had a problem with my Blackberry Storm and get on with my life, able to access my emails and contacts on the move.

But you seem determined to turn me into an ubergeek, needlessly.

If I had the time to sit and learn geekspeak, I certainly wouldn’t be spending it studying Blackberry’s jargon.  I’d be learning to create apps, programme stuff – exciting creative stuff.

So why, why, why, instead of allowing my phone to automatically update with apps , do you want me to register in an ‘owners lounge’? Nice idea. It looked like somewhere to obtain ‘exclusives’ and feel like part of something special.

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Apple’s ipad

Claire Thompson, freelance PR consultant, Waves PR

I’m a tech PR consult. I have to acknowledge it. People put back their PR announcements for a week just because it was coming. The airwaves were abuzz in anticipation.  Hearts were a quiver. Were any of the predictions accurate?

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