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News of the World Apology

BREAK Copy of Rupert Murdoch's newspaper ad: "We Ar... on Twitpic

Well, that’s some great PR advice. News of the World is contrite. Apologising.

Brooks has fallen on her sword, And the rumours about it coming out tomorrow are true, using its own vehicle to ensure that its story is told in its own words.

Attention is now pointing at politicians and police officers.

Whether this particular public opinion  juggernaut can be turned around, who knows? A lot will depend on what comes out from here on in.  The company doesn’t appear to have a good deal of banked goodwill or social capital to help it sway the tide of public opinion, and the powerful alliances it boasted are now going to be avoiding public association.

It will be interesting to see just what News International does from here. Money talks. But actions still speak louder than words, and nothing much will remove the stain of  Millie Dowler’s deleted phone calls. Apologies are great, but when the apology seems to come only when you’ve been caught, rather than when you found out what had happened, something more is needed. Something that Murdoch seems to have understood and be seeking to make amends for.

Be Careful What You Wish For….

Post by Claire Thompson, Freelance PR Consultant, Waves PR

Claire Thompson, Waves PR

Claire Thompson, Waves PR, freelance PR consultant

I was wishing, hard, that Google would let me in on Google +. It has, and now suddenly I’m thinking it will take me years to organise my contacts and am somewhat concerned that if I don’t some measurement company will dive in with a measurement tool for ‘influence’ – at the moment my followed is far more than my followers because half of my ‘followed’ don’t have Facebook accounts leave alone Google +, (my gmail account’s always been for private stuff rather than work related). Although I do have a Google profile for my Claire at Waves PR email address  which is used to access analytics. I can’t link the two accounts. This will need resolving. My to do list just got longer. It feels like a huge invasion of privacy, but I’m   simultaneously compelled to dive in.  I may follow Mr Zuckerberg and the Google execs into privacy mode! ((Oops reverse that – they just went back into public again.)

So whilst I’m wishing that perhaps I’d not wished so hard for a Google + account, the big story that’s been raging, of course, is the News of the World telephone tapping debacle. UK print media needed this like a hole in the head! I, like most people, am absolutely appalled that someone can not only tap into a dead girls phone but delete messages that could have helped bring someone to justice sooner. The person concerned lacked any kind of morality and was quite rightly put behind bars.

But before we get hot under the collar about tapping, we should probably get hot under the collar about ethics.

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World Press Freedom Day

Today is World Press Freedom Day

Thought it should be marked.

Whilst I’m sure that in the UK, the word ‘superinjunction’ will be on everyone’s lips, I’m giving a shout to Article 19, because there *are* some slightly more pressing issues to be addressed.

Post script: no sooner said than mentioned. Here’s their release: World Press Freedom Day

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Accidental journalism

Although this isn’t a UK based title, this presentation is a great example of the holistic nature of media. It’s a ‘bearbug’ of mine that people talk about ‘old’ media. There’s a role for all kinds of media and the ‘consumer’ doesn’t much care about the medium – it’s the value of the content in context that matters.

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