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Journalists better protected in Mexico?

Waves PR ( supports the right for journalists to freedom of expression

There are signs that journalists rights to freedom of expression are being recognised in Mexico.
Article 19 has welcomed recent moves with a statement encouraging the government for its move to protect their rights

, but raising some concerns.

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Article 19 Making Progress

Article 19, which I watch for activity in Latin America, has been lobbying for a special visit to Mexico, looking at Human Rights.

The press release they issued today shows they’re making progress: Mexico: Special mandates make landmark visit to Mexico

News: Police Harass Staff and Survivors at Women’s Shelter

For immediate release

México: Policemen Harass Staff and Survivors at Women’s Shelter

ARTICLE 19 is very concerned over reports that local policemen are harassing members of staff and family violence survivors from the Woman’s Attention Centre – Centro Integral de Atención a la Mujer (CIAM). ARTICLE 19 is calling upon the local and federal authorities to effectively comply with the precautionary measures granted by the Inter American Commission of Human Rights in order to guarantee the safety of the people receiving treatment at the Centre, along with its staff members.

On May 31st, Cruz Antonio Garcia Javier, a local policeman from Benito Juarez in Cancun Quintana Roo (southeast), who has a history of inflicting physical and psychological violence on his wife and children, tried to enter CIAM to forcibly remove members from his family from the centre. His wife and children were receiving psychological and physical treatment at the centre, following six years of systematic domestic violence.

Five uniformed and armed policemen joined Garcia Javier in the harassment against the human rights defenders running the centre by using their authority and status to coerce them to hand over the woman and children. The woman sought help from CIAM when she was not granted any form of protection from the local authorities, after denouncing her husband twice.

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News: Central America Strengthening Freedom of Expression

Central America: Second Platform of Action for Strengthening Freedom of Expression

For immediate release – 11 May 2010

Human rights defenders and media professionals from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua met in San Salvador between 22-23 April 2010 for the regional conference Second Joint Action Platform Meeting to Strengthen Freedom of Expression in Central America, sponsored by ARTICLE 19. The conference followed up on a previous meeting in July 2009, which aimed to promote and defend freedom of expression for all people in Central America.

The first conference had concluded that the protection of human rights, including freedom of expression and access to information, is deteriorating in Central America. Participants had agreed to share experience and implement a range of collective actions. These included workshops on best practice, collaborative advocacy and special submissions to the Universal Periodic Reviews of El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras, all of which have been implemented over the last months.

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