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Thupr event, Mobile Apps – interview with Kathmandu

At this weeks thupr event, amongst the stand out things was a live call to explorer, Mark Wood,  in Kathmandu.

As a PR consultant, this kind of ‘live link’ is terrifying – you know that it can all go horribly wrong whenever you’re reliant on various pices of technology which may, or may not, perform on the day. First rule of PR: always have a Plan B.

But using Mark Smith of ipadio’s mobile, Mark Wood in Kathmandu’s satellite phone (notoriously narrowband technology, prone to foibles), ipadio and speakers, they pulled it off. Live.

You can hear the interview here, including the afterchat we didn’t hear over the speakers. (Second rule of PR – make sure the microphones are off: remember Glenn Hoddle?)


Still, Mark Smith flying by the seat of his technology pants (and in fairness, it is just a phone call with clever stuff attached!)  is nothing compared to the seat of the pants ride that Mark Wood is undertaking .

The Assange Debate at SXSW

The place I’d most love to be this week is South by South West.  All my friends and colleagues seem to be there, and although a lot of the debate seems trite from the Twitter stream, the Julian Assange, Wikileaks story has caught my eye.

The following is the Twitter stream: it raises some of the heftiest issues of our time, notably the media freedom/public interest debate.

So if there’s anyone left in the UK, who feels they want to comment on the issue, I’m up for being educated, as to my uninformed ears, the whole institutional reaction to Wikileaks seems out of proportion and terrifying in it’s implications, in equal measure. I veer between seeing Assange as a latter day Robin Hood, brave journalist in the best investigative journalism tradition and seeing him as a careless anarchist with little care for those he might have hurt, although slightly less of the latter as I am lead to believe that information *was* filtered prior to leaking.

Either way, I would love to hear what others think. Or are we all too afraid to speak up? And I being foolish by even contemplating debate of the subject?




Waves PR Involvement in Social Media Week

Social Media Week, London,  is going to be a busy one.

First up is a debate on ‘Who Owns the Social?’ – who should own social spaces – or at least the slice that gets the marketing budget?
Monday February 7, 2011
This emerged from a debate that I was having with Nichola Stott of themediaflow. It’s just a bit of fun, although we did ask an affiliate marketer who considered participating career suicide. She was probably right!

At the other end of the week, on Friday February 11, is the thupr event on Content Creation: Social Reporting
Friday February 11, 2011
This is a regular thupr event, given a Social Media Week theme.
A huge thank you is due to the guys at Nemisys, who I used to work alongside, for taking on the majority of the organization for the event.

Ovarian cancer: the terrifying killer

Waves PR, June 30, 2009

Target Ovarian Cancer today released research about the lack of understanding of ovarian cancer, leading to an unnecessary number of women’s deaths.

The symptoms include bloating and fullness and are often mistaken for IBS.

One of my clients, ipadio, had their technology used at the launch. The perspectives are all so different (and nicely presented – better than my rambles!) that they are well worth listening in.

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