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Look who shared the love

I had a direct mail piece in my email inbox, and have to admit to a great deal of trepidation about clicking the link.

I’m pleased to say that curiosity got the better of me….



On film

Behind the scenes

With my personal hat on, as the proud owner/dweller (liveaboard) of a widebeam barge, I’ll be on TV tomorrow night, apparently.

Just over a week ago my family filmed for the ‘living the Dream’ feature on BBC South Today, and have been told that it will be on tomorrow. the show starts at 6.30 but we’ll be on apparently around 6.45.

I have a degree of fear and dread, of course, around what will emerge, especially as youngest son insists on telling the world about our toilets!

Tune in a let us know what you think!


Wine Masterclasses in Didcot

Post by Claire Thompson, Freelance PR Consultant, Waves PR 

Chateau Pesquie,acknowledged as the top Cote du Ventoux (Southern Rhone) wine estate

A slightly unusual post for this blog, but this one’s just for fun. On November 1, friends at the Café Bar @ Cornerstone are hosting a wine masterclass evening. Third generation owner and winemaker Frederic Chaudiere of Chateau Pesquie, rapidly now being acknowledged as the top Cote du Ventoux (Southern Rhone) wine estate, is coming to Didcot, of all places, to share his knowledge and expertise.

Anyone who knows me will know that I’m somewhat partial to champagne and cava, slightly on the dry side. My grandfather was a wine judge, so I’ve always had a range of wines around, but I can’t pretend to be an expert. To have a fine wine grower over from France in as small a place as Didcot is somewhat surprising, but then, the Cornerstone Arts Centre has always been surprising.

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Tweetcamp London

I have been really lucky this year to be working alongside the awesome Tweetcamp team.

Like all journeys, all events including volunteers, behind the scenes, of course there have been lots of ups and downs. Anyone who’s worked on a Twestival will know exactly what I mean by that! It’s all been done by busy volunteers with a commitment to make it happen, and I tilt my hat at them!

But it’s come together beautifully,with an incredible cast of sponsors meaning that the whole thing is entirely free, even the food and coffee – and there are schwag bags!

Global Integration, an international management training consultancy, who I work with half time, have, somewhat unexpectedly, became a sponsor for the event, largely due to the vision of CEO Kevan Hall, who sees it as a real opportunity to learn. It’s absolutely not their audience, but   he absolutely sees it as a way to engage and catch the vibe.

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