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Be careful on the way up…

Claire Thompson, Freelance PR Consultant, Waves PR

I recently organized and event where I was impressed by one of the speakers. I had given him a platform to speak to people interested in his specialism, and he seemed to know what he was talking about. I’m fairly certain that he got business from the event. And as his service/product is both exciting and relevant , I thought I’d introduce him to a client. One of my best clients at that.

Very bad move that turned out to be!

He mucked me around several times over dates and times, booking things and changing them, until he finally delivered the ‘sucker punch’. He wanted to charge us his travel and time to come to a sales pitch, unless we guaranteed an order.

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The Hargreaves Report

Charter for Digital Rights

Image by tuija via Flickr

There’s so much being said about the Hargreaves Report that I scarcely need to repeat it here, but if you’d like to read the original, here’s the link:

And here’s the press release announcement.

There’s lots of online comment, most of it positive. But, as with all things, there will be winners and losers. For me, one of the most  interesting things that’s being discussed is digital rights direct payments. Thinking this through, this could have an additional impact on micropayments for journalism if implemented – as well as those artists – including photographers – who currently use third parties (like istock) to sell on their wares if they want payment.

This could absolutely change the face of paid journalism and create an egalitarian market where good quality work is sought after and rewarded.  It will be interesting to see where this pans out. If I was Twitter, one of the content distributors but still looking for a revenue model, I might be keeping a very close eye on this potential lifeline.


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Startup Metrics for Pirates

This presentation is two years’ old, but it was shared on LinkedIn today – and still makes a surprising amount of sense.

It’s shared here because as a PR person who often works with startups, there are some key questions I have to ask potential clients: I have to understand the challenges they face, and also understand whether I think they’ll be around in the long term. When I take on PR for a client, I’m staking my reputation along with theirs.

Anyway, enough waffle – here’s the presentation:


Note: latest version can be found here:


Tech City Launchpad competition

The Tech City Launchpad competition for funding opens today. Although open to any company,  in the Tech City work should take place predominantly in the ‘cluster area’ around Old Street and Shoreditch in east London.

The competition opens for two-minute video submissions on today.   FIrst stage will be a two minute video, after which, about 20 project applications will be invited to submit written proposals.  Then ten will be offered up to £100,000 funding.

And you can download the Technology Strategy Board website  flyer here. Go!


You have until May 19 to apply. Go!

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