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All Change for The Difference Engine

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Wow – there have been some big changes at The Difference Engine.

Like many other public initiatives, the project has re-examined how it can deliver the programme more effectively for participants and its funders

Their investment capital will be changed from a ‘per team’ to a ‘per idea and per founder’ basis.  Teams will now receive £5,000 for their idea plus £3,200 per founder (to a maximum of three founders) in exchange for 6% of founder shares.

This is a whole lot closer to programmes like Y Combinator, TechStars and Startup Bootcamp.

The teams I spoke with certainly felt the programme itself was had the greatest value and hence the acceleration bootcamp element of the Difference Engine remaining unchanged will delight would-be attendees, and giving away less capital will be very appealing. What’s happened to this summer’s graduates?  Four of the nine teams have already raised investment funds (likely to increase to five very soon). One of the teams is currently considering an offer of £1m and one has relocated to Silicon Valley having received angel investment. And of the remained, two weren’t seeking further funding anyway, I believe.

The next round kicks off on 4 January 2011.

And anyone interested in enjoying the money, mentoring and opening doors, should get on and register before Monday (October 3):

Claire Thompson, freelance PR consultant

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IT Toolbox blog about The Difference Engine

Popped a post up on my IT Toolbox about The Difference Engine extending its deadline.

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The Difference Engine – deadline extended

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Incubator/accelerator programme The Difference Engine has extended it’s deadline for applications, for various reasons, the most important being that it gives applicants worldwide longer to apply.

As Jon Bradford, the founder, explained, he’s had endless invites to talk at events that he can’t attend ahead of the closing deadline

So it makes sense to push things back, as he explained on The Difference Engine news blog.

Claire Thompson, freelance PR Consultant, Waves PR

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About the Difference Engine

Sharing the slides from the Talk on The Difference Engine given at Reading Geek Night last night:

Applications should be made via the website: by 23 July, 2010

Who funds it?

This times programme is funded and supported by a variety of organisations including One North East, Middlesborough and Sunderland City Councils.

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