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Waves PR helps companies and organisations (mainly with a technology, telecoms or on-line element) reach the audiences that they need to reach. Which may be consumers, a local community, businesses, a distribution channel, staff….

In old marketing speak, they would have been marketing segments. Or stakeholders. In these days of ‘unmarketing’ – who do you need to reach to meet the challenges you face?

Let’s see how we can make it simple to engage them in the way that they’d like to be approached, be that getting information to them, meeting them personally , show, feel, experience…

We work across a variety of media and channels to reach our goals. And we have lots of fun along the way.
With new and old tactics blended to achieve, we plan carefully, execute well and work our socks off to make it happen.

Oh, and just in the interets of professionalism, we’re properly trained and insured!

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