Contacting Claire – temporary details

Well, having aimed for a trouble free time, and resolved one problem, another has reared its ugly head!

For some inexplicable reason, out of the blue, my emails have stopped working.

I am assured by the hosting company that this is a Microsoft problem. I’m currently braving Microsoft’s customer service, but in the meantime if you need anything urgently, please call me on 07771 817015, and I will provide you with an alternative email address.

(I’d post it here, but the blog had over 5 thousand (unpublished) pure spam comments cleared off it yesterday, so I hate to think what would happen if an email address was available too!)

Please note: problem now resolved!

Seasons greetings

The Waves  PR Christmas tree

The Waves PR Christmas tree

Thanks to a glitch in Outlook, my website has been disappearing regularly. I am working with United Hosting to try and resolve the issue, and please accept my apologies if you’ve been affected.

A quick round up of some things that should have made blogposts over the period:

  • Women’s canoe will be in the Olympics! The work that Samantha Rippington and her colleagues have been doing have mean that both women AND men will be able to compete in future –  I hope to catch up with Sam for another blog on the subject in the new year.
  • Early next year, Global Integration will be running a campaign to stamp out dreadful meetings. I shall enjoy blogging a little more about that one when the time comes.
  • I’ve been doing some work with Topspin Digital. They do great digital work and have a great work ethic – do look them up!

I wish you a really happy 2014, when hopefully I shall be back with a complete new look – on the blog at very least!


Five minutes of fame!

At the recent Digital Marketing Show, I was roped into singing for this. It may only be a few seconds each, but I’m at 2 mins 13 and 2 mins 29 (in the out-takes). Unfortunately my singing career is limited to a single word – albeit a very important one! – “Food”.

The video is for the Beyond Food Foundation, which will be working with homeless people – I’ll share a link for you to take a peek when their site goes live. In the meantime, you can find the Beyond Food Foundation on Facebook.


Google +

I am now a different – and more complete – me. At long last I have my own Google + name: I don’t know how long it’s been there, but I spotted it yesterday, and I’m delighted.

"Claire Thompson"I’m particularly pleased to have my full name as  there are loads of Claire Thompson’s in the World: it’s a bit like being called John Smith. I’d have settled for ClaireatWaves, and was resigned to becoming +ClaireThompson5697 or similar when my turn arrived.

I really didn’t expect to have my name, especially as there is a relatively ‘new kid on the blog’, another Claire Thompson, who came along after me, but is working in the social media space as well – and unlike this blog that has been around for a few years and is not as loved as I’d like it to be, hers is a lovely new site. (Another note to self to sort it out, but client work always seems to come first!)

Enough of the witter. Thank you, Google, for giving me my new URL. As soon as the phone is sorted, my new business cards will wear it with pride!




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