Five minutes of fame!

At the recent Digital Marketing Show, I was roped into singing for this. It may only be a few seconds each, but I’m at 2 mins 13 and 2 mins 29 (in the out-takes). Unfortunately my singing career is limited to a single word – albeit a very important one! – “Food”.

The video is for the Beyond Food Foundation, which will be working with homeless people – I’ll share a link for you to take a peek when their site goes live. In the meantime, you can find the Beyond Food Foundation on Facebook.


Google +

I am now a different – and more complete – me. At long last I have my own Google + name: I don’t know how long it’s been there, but I spotted it yesterday, and I’m delighted.

"Claire Thompson"I’m particularly pleased to have my full name as  there are loads of Claire Thompson’s in the World: it’s a bit like being called John Smith. I’d have settled for ClaireatWaves, and was resigned to becoming +ClaireThompson5697 or similar when my turn arrived.

I really didn’t expect to have my name, especially as there is a relatively ‘new kid on the blog’, another Claire Thompson, who came along after me, but is working in the social media space as well – and unlike this blog that has been around for a few years and is not as loved as I’d like it to be, hers is a lovely new site. (Another note to self to sort it out, but client work always seems to come first!)

Enough of the witter. Thank you, Google, for giving me my new URL. As soon as the phone is sorted, my new business cards will wear it with pride!




Waves PR has moved: it’s good to be back

photo: boxes

Packing boxes

This blog has been silent for almost a month, somewhat accidentally courtesy of some unexpected broadband problems, awkward utilities, spammers and a move. But I’m back, and raring to go!

Despite promises to the contrary, our phone number couldn’t come with us. The new telephone number for Waves PR is: 0118 978 6086.

The office is now based just outside of Reading in Bearwood (Sindlesham) – close to Wokingham. If you’re in the area, do call and arrange a coffee!


Age. It’s a funny old thing

Quora ageLast week, on BBC Breakfast, Charlie Stayt asked the departing Blue Peter presenter, Helen Shelton, whether she was leaving because she was too old for the adrenalin driven lifestyle required of Blue Peter presenters. I can’t get strung up about him asking- there is, after all, a limit to how long you want to go on putting yourself in danger (although I rather suspect that Charlie is lucky to have got away with a question like that).

Shelton’s response was sensible. Having been there for five years, she didn’t want to be the one saying “this is how we usually do it” – she didn’t want to stand in the way of innovation or change and has a million other ambitions to achieve. The drive she shows leaves us in no doubt that she will succeed.

A few years ago, someone I knew from my PR agency days during the dot com boom asked me to come in for a chat about leading their social media division. We had never met in person, but knew of each other –  she could see the results of the work I was doing online and asked me to come and see her. As I walked through the door, her chin fell. She was, she declared before I’d sat down, looking for someone younger. Someone who really gets social media.

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