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SEO PR Training launched in 2011, six months after Nichola Stott of themediaflow spoke at a thupr event organized by Claire Thompson of Waves PR at the Centre for Creative Collaboration in Kings Cross.

Nichola is a search marketing expert, with extensive experience of directing multi-million pound search marketing campaigns that deliver value to partners, and trust and engagement to users.

Claireis a PR consultant who has been involved with ‘interwebby’ things for more than 15 years. She has introduced some of the most exciting startups and new concepts to the UK market, and has worked both in-house and for consultancies.

It struck them how few PR and social media consultants understand SEO and its implications, and how few SEO consultants understand PR. Nichola had the seed of an idea: why not try and arrange some cross training? After some careful investigation, they found there was very little dedicated, useful training available. SEO PR Training was born.

In preparation, they undertook ‘training the trainer’ courses and held focus groups in order to ensure that their training is both relevant and engaging. The result is focussed, effective and engaging training that allows participants to immediately implement practical strategies that add real value to clients’ bottom line.

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