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Recite allows any website to become more accessible to people who are dyslexic, visually impaired or who have a young reading age.  It does it by intercepting the webpage online, instantly adding accessibility technique such as voice, high contrast text, alternate (simpler word options) and outputting it for any user to read.  By processing online, Recite increases the accessibility rating of the website instantly without the need to change the website itself – or incur the costs.

Recite was part of the first round of The Difference Engine, incubator/accelerator programme for digital start ups.

My notes: Ross Linnett, who set up Recite, is dyslexic himself. Accessibility is always the last consideration for a website, and people pay lipservice to it. But with increasing legislation, and growing realisation that accessibility helps the bottom line, the fact that Recite doesn’t need any site re-engineering will appeal to site owners.

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