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CuteFund, founded by successful Estonian entrepreneur Andrei Korobeinik, is a crowd sourced mutual fund and platform for investors. As a mutual fund, CuteFund buys and sells stocks; the difference is that CuteFund doesn’t have a fund manager: investors vote for stocks, votes are weighted and averaged so we buy the best stocks and sell the worst. Investors are rated according to their performance; those with higher ratings have more influence while voting on stocks thus picking up the best fund managers.
Cutefund was part of the first round of The Difference Engine, incubator/accelerator programme for digital start ups.
My notes: Cutefund is an interesting model. In theory, it stands a better chance of success than average because the results will be based on hard facts and spread opinion. Despite being quirky and original, my own feeling is that it could prove a safer way to make investments. Love the fact that there’s an investor model (run by already succesful entrepreneur) going through an incubator programme.

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