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CANDDi helps companies to convert more website visitors into customers, increasing marketing ROI and ultimately profit.  This is done by tracking real individuals over multiple visits and across every one of a company’s online presences, from email to social media, to create a complete picture of their behaviour.  By analysing this behaviour we can tell brands more about how their sales funnel is failing and even give them rich lists of named individuals with whom to follow-up.  CANDDi turns anonymous aggregated analytics into a rich list of targeted individuals.

Canddi was part of the first round of The Difference Engine, incubator/accelerator programme for digital start ups.

A blog by them: http://and-digital.com/?cat=5

My notes: Canddi has it’s finger on the pulse in terms of web monitoring. These guys are serial entrepreneurs, and have taken the brave move of completely ditching the software they started with, which was technically super-clever, in favour of re-writing something much more in line with customer needs and expectations.  In a competitive market, but definitely one to watch.

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