Software Risk Assessment

Software risk assessment – a service from SIG – The Software Improvement Group
Objective insight into the technical quality of software
* Objective insight into operational and strategic business risks based on the overall quality of software. 

What is it?

A Software Risk Assessment provides a one-off, in-depth, objective analysis of the technical quality of a software system. The Software Risk Assessment combines management consultancy,  automated source code analyses (ISO 9126) and supplementary research.

The service allows software users to predict maintenance costs and problems, how future-proof the software is, scalability and security of a system.  It assesses product quality based on source code analyses rather than process or design quality. (Good development process does not necessarily guarantee good software.)

Automated analysis of the source code is supplemented with interviews and consultations with system experts, where the analysis is validated. This ensures a strong, objective assessment of the software’s structure.

Reports are delivered in clear language that is understandable to customers, with detailed technical information for system experts.

Why is it needed?

Software Risk Assessments are usually commissioned by C-level executives, board members, CIOs, contract managers or their direct reports. SIG can analyse software systems, developed internally or externally, custom or package solutions.  Recommendations range from ‘no action required’ to recommending termination of a project, but more usually it recommends several minor – yet crucial – improvements, ensuring years of productive service (provided, of course, that the system is properly maintained).


The service can lay down the foundations for making investment decisions on software systems, adjusting projects in time or even cancelling an ICT project to avoid escalation.

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