Software Product Certification

Software product certification – a service from SIG – the Software Improvement Group

* Maintenance issues made transparent

* An international independent third party to identify high quality software

What is it?

In partnership with TÜV Informationstechnik (TÜViT), SIG offers a certification of the quality and ‘maintainability’ of software products (as defined by the international standard ISO/IEC 9126).

Why is it needed?

Attention in software projects is mostly focused on the exterior of the system, yet the quality of its foundations and the supporting structure may give out. This can be costly: the system fails to keep up with business demands, and maintenance costs rise. On average, 80% of all money spent on software is spent on maintenance.


A high level of certification (4 or 5 out of 5 / high grade) ensures that software systems are adaptable to future needs such as changing regulatory requirements or business needs:

Enterprises can incorporate this certificate into their contracts with third parties, making expectations of software suppliers crystal clear.

Software suppliers can incorporate this certificate into their service to demonstrate the quality they deliver to their customers.

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