Mark Hissink Muller, SIG

Mark Hissink Muller is a Senior Management Consultant with the Software Improvement Group (SIG), an independent consultancy that gathers fact-based management information about software systems and projects, among other through in-depth analysis of a system’s software source code.

Mark is a trusted advisor to SIG’s clients, mainly senior management of large financial and governmental organisations. He leads the teams that deliver SIG’s services, such as Software Risk Assessments and Software Monitoring engagements.

During his career as a consultant in the area of Software Quality, Software Risk and Software Economics, Mark has witnessed business value in excess of £215M (€ 250M+) unnecessarily destroyed , in both small and large projects, at many different organisations and for many different reasons, sometimes for very technical, sometimes for non-technical, reasons.

It is Mark’s professional ambition to help the IT industry professionalise and to greatly reduce the waste of money that is spent on IT.

Mark has an in-depth understanding of all the aspects of modern systems development, accumulated through many years of hands-on software development and delivery experience, which he employs to help his clients get in control of their IT systems, projects and suppliers.

Mark will be at Public Sector ICT with SIG on November 15, 2011 where Anwar Osseyran is speaking at on the Green IT highlights of the Green Deal in the Netherlands 

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