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Anwar Osseyran is speaking at Public Sector ICT with SIG on November 15, 2011 on the Green IT highlights of the Green Deal in the Netherlands 

Anwar Osseyran will present the Green Deal, as signed on  October 3, 2011, that will incubate green IT in the Netherlands, starting in the Amsterdam region. As part of the Green Deal,  the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, the City of Amsterdam. and Green IT ( Amsterdam Region) agreed on several  green ICT issues to foster both the growth of the region’s service economy and innovation, across six key areas: ‘Green Collars’, Green Software, Green Ocean, the Amsterdam Clouds, Green Data Port, and the Smart Grid City.

About Dr. ir. Anwar Osseyran, Chair of the Green IT Consortium Amsterdam

Anwar Osseyran

Anwar Osseyran is the Managing Director of SARA, the national Supercomputing Center in Amsterdam. In 2008  he also became the CEO of VANCIS B.V, a high tech spin-off company of SARA, with 70 employees delivering various commercial ICT services.

Prior to that, Anwar Osseyran held various senior management positions in high-tech multinationals including Philips, Digital Equipment and Omron. He holds a PhD in Applied Physics from the Technical University of Eindhoven.

His tenure at SARA and Vancis has been marked by a focus on the benefits that the Research and business communities can obtain from emerging technologies (such as broadband, visualization, cloud computing and green IT), a focus on less conventional, but fast growing, application areas (big data, on-demand services) and on enhancing the ICT infrastructure to allow a broader and more sustainable use of ICT resources.

Osseyran’s strong business background explains his keen interest in trying to understand the business value in high performance computing and networking as opposed to compiling compute and network power. He’s always looking for the ROI within ICT projects.

Since 2007, he has been the chair of the Green IT consortium Amsterdam with focus on greening IT, greening by IT, and the stimulation of the green economy.

Anwar Osseyran also holds the following positions:

– chairman of the advisory board of the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre

– member of the of the Scientific Advisory Council of the Cyprus Institute for Supercomputing

– chairman of the Advisory committee of the City Grid of Almere

– member of the advisory board of Parthenon BV Symbiotic Green Datacenters

– chairman of the advisory board of Ozzo Energy-Neutral Datacenters

– member of the Executive Board of ICT Office (the association of the Dutch ICT sector)

– member of the Dutch Climate Council

– member of the ICT Cluster Amsterdam

– member of the ICT Media-Table in Almere.


He is also the co-author of the book “Broadband in a world of Glass”, ISBN 903952449


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