ITP/CCM 4 Released

ITP/CCM 4 Released: Aia Software places customer communication centre stage 

–       New release further separates IT and user responsibilities, saving the IT department time, trouble and expense

–       Simpler publication workflow and controls

–       Document reuse simplified


Nijmegen, June 6, 2012 – The new release of document solutions provider Aia Software’s document management platform – ITP/CCM 4 – puts the customer centre stage.


ITP/CCM 4 revolves around communication between organisations and their customers: the place where information from all possible sources and systems is brought together in clear documents, ready for sending at the time and in the way that the customer chooses. This can be through a portal, a mobile device, the web, by fax, on paper by mail, or even social media.

The organisation, however, maintains complete control over quality.

Further separation of responsibility for the application & databases and responsibility for content has eliminated unnecessary dependence on the IT department, whilst not compromising on the quality of the resulting documents. Simultaneously, this structure helps ensure users will not be tempted to revert to irresponsible and incompetent ‘fiddling around’ in the IT environment.

This leads to more efficient management and maintenance, with which comes cost savings.

Further separation of content and data
Aia Software has engaged in a sustained drive to continue separate responsibility for technology and responsibility for content: IT retains final responsibility for the application, implementation, and the various interfaces to other software and databases. The business unit should be able to manage all content and be able to edit, create, or add to text without making calls on the IT department.

The new version of Aia Software’s platform, ITP/CCM 4, extends the demarcation of these responsibilities. Where IT expertise used to be needed to create and edit templates, there are now more ‘do-it-yourself’ possibilities for business users.
ITP/CCM 4 makes it very easy for IT experts to define a data model that content managers can use. Based on these ‘data backbones’, they can generate .xsd files to bridge the gap between data as it exists in the application and data as used in the documents.

Publication workflow – simpler and better

The process of publishing texts, templates, and style sheets has become a lot simpler and clearer in ITP/CCM 4. It is now split up into three standard steps: checking content, releasing it for publication, and actual publication.

These steps can be linked to different authorisations to involve different people across the organisation in the workflow, as required. This results in more streamlined processes, whilst also offering greater transparency and control as all steps are logged in a log file (particularly useful where legislation and regulations apply).

The publication workflow can be applied at various levels. Branded style sheets can be published separately using the standard workflow steps, making it easier to manage multiple brands (multi-branding).

Editing a document: a day, week, or year later

We often have documents in our day-to-day work that we work on in various stages. Customer quotes, for example, often end up with several versions following updates prompted by further contacts or negotiations. Visit reports or inspection reports have information added in stages, as do annually reviewed contracts, performance review reports, or treatment plans.

ITP/CCM 4 now offers the option of opening a previously created document and to continue editing it. All options selected and texts created at an earlier stage will have been saved and will not have to be recreated. This represents optimum use of all existing information, as well as time and energy savings, as employees focus fully on inputting new data rather than duplicating old information.


ITP/CCM 4 is available worldwide now.

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