Z-Three Factsheet

Company name:   SDSL Ltd, trading as Z-Three
Headquarters: Fulham, London (UK)
Warehouse: Feltham (UK)
CEO: Oliver King
Founder: Peter Oliver
Date founded: 2006
Turnover:   £8.5 million
Supplier accreditations:
Blackberry Alliance Member;
Authorised Master Distributor of Authentic BlackBerry® Accessories
Distributor in EMEA for REDFLY, OtterBox, Pipetto

Number of customers: 300

Number of employees: 30

Number of countries served: 51

About Z-Three

London based Z-Three was founded in 2006 by entrepreneur Peter Oliver. It is the trading name of SDSL Ltd, and has a turnover of £8.5 million, supplying around 300 customers in more than 50 countries. The company carries the full range of authentic BlackBerry Accessories as well as representing smartphone accessory producers OtterBox, Pipetto and REDFLY. Z-Three is the largest master distributor of Authentic BlackBerry Accessories outside of North America.

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