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Z-Three distributes products for BlackBerry® and other smartphones. It is an authorized master distributor of Authentic BlackBerry Accessories, as well third party products for BlackBerry and other smartphones.

The company places a strong emphasis on quality of service to its (primarily reseller) customers, holding a broad range of stock, taking a proactive approach to sell-through activities and point of sale (merchandising) solutions. Contrary to trends in the market, it delivers its products to resellers in high quality packaging, tailored to match the quality of the products inside and meet the customers’ needs.

Entrepreneur Peter Oliver founded the company in 2006. Today it has a turnover of £8.5 million. Supplying around 300 customers in more than 50 countries, it sells primarily via resellers, as well as serving corporate organisations which have approached them directly and the public sector, including various police forces. Although based in the UK, it has grown internationally and is only now starting to address the UK market in more depth, and to this end is currently recruiting UK-based resellers.

With experts predicting that one in five mobile phones sold by late 2011 will be smartphones (mobile phones with e-mail, internet and media capabilities). BlackBerry currently holds 3% share of the global mobile phone market (April 2010), with a bias towards corporate customers. The company is currently pushing into the consumer segment with considerable success.   In keeping with this growing trend, and that of increasing personalization of smartphones, Z-Three is constantly expanding its range of high quality peripheral products to meet demand.

It currently stocks the following ranges, amongst others:

Authentic BlackBerry® Accessories

Z-Three is the largest master distributor of authentic BlackBerry accessories outside of North America. It stocks the complete product range which covers batteries, headsets, carrying solutions, various chargers, and Bluetooth enabled devices such as a visor mounted speakerphones and wireless presenters.

Funkwerk Dabendorf

Funkwerk Dabendorf offers vehicle-based mobile communication solutions including universal hands-free kits, voice control, data communications and Bluetooth products.


OtterBox produces durable protective cases – from sleek and sexy to really rugged – for a range of smartphones and the iPad.  Z-Three began distributing OtterBox products in January 2010.


Pipetto is an up-and-coming London-based brand. It offers are range of handmade, yet affordable leather cases for Blackberry and various other Apple products. Its design creates a fresh look with a twist, such as quilted or metallic finishes, whilst remaining highly practical.


The REDFLY offers an extension to BlackBerry smartphones with a full QWERTY keyboard and an 8-inch screen. Without operating system or memory, the REDFLY turns a BlackBerry device into a secure laptop within seconds. It is the ultimate tool for anyone whose working life depends on a BlackBerry but who seeks a more convenient way to enter and display data.

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