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Inspired by claimr

Thanks for being interested in the content on this site.

This is a statement of ownership, recognising that one is responsible for what one says but cannot be responsible for what other people say or supply.

Opinions are expressed in the safe knowledge that everyone understands that opinions come from the author.

This site is biased. Totally and utterly. Everything that’s up here has come from clients, friends (guest blogs)or people who have chosen to share information Ifeel is worth sharing further.

Information from other people is shared with the understanding that everyone’s needs are different, and everyone’s experiences are different. Sharing is good;  breaking copyright is bad

Everything here is for lifting and sharing, except guest blogs, where the license will be shown, and pictures, where copyright remains with the artist.

A bit more details….

information about us

Hey! If you want to tell the world about us that’s awesome.

Do us a favour though – disguise any email addresses so that human’s can read it but the bots belonging to guys selling dodgy stuff can’t. Please.

information from clients

Want to use a post marked news? Knock yourself out!

We’re publishing it because, in general, we want you to use it, copy it, comment on on it.  Steal it wholesale. Borrow snippets.  (And thank you!)

If it’s in the ‘news’ section, it’s officially sanctioned, triple checked, high quality news releases – posted onto this site because we wouldn’t share it unless we thought it was interesting

(Note: sometimes we may have to compromise on the wording, especially if the legal teams have had a finger in the pie – you know how it goes.)

News comes from Waves PR friends, some of whom are clients and pay for our services, and all of whom we have great faith in.

Of course we take responsibility for that information – to the best of our knowledge it’s all accurate.

(And to that end we do carry professional indemnity insurance. Small doesn’t have to mean unprofessional.)


Some of the pictures on this site are from third parties and may be copyrighted. If you want to use a picture, and it’s not clear,  drop us an email (via claire at wavespr dot com) and we’ll clarify this for you.

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  • By drikus weideman, May 21, 2010 @ 6:34 pm

    So refreshing and cool to see a “claimer” in stead of a disclaimer

  • By claireatwaves, June 5, 2010 @ 8:56 am

    Thanks Drikus.I can’t claim the credit – the original idea was Wedge’s (@wedge on Twitter)

  • By claireatwaves, June 16, 2012 @ 8:58 am

    You have a point. When the page went up, it was the fact that I was claiming rather than disclaiming that created the interest. I’m having the site updated and will probably hide this page on a bottom bar – it’s really just an admin page. Thanks for the feedback. Claire

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