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Facebook Fortnight: Facebook presentation

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At the Facebook for Business event, hosted by Tempero, Facebook’s Christian Hernandez talked around facebook for brands.

The link below takes you to a pdf copy of his presentation, and the following are sundry notes made during his talk:

– You won’t get ‘found’ on Facebook – unless someone has a reason to come to you, you’ll need to share the contant

– RSS feeds into Facebook pages are spam. (Can we add Twitter feeds to that please!)

– At risk of stating the bleeding obvious, ensure your Facebook pages have a ‘like’ button

– Posts at 9am and 8pm get higher engagement
Here’s the link to the presentation: Brands on Facebook_CHRISTIANHERNANDEZ

Claire Thompson, freelance PR consultant, Waves PR

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Facebook Week: Tempero and Conversocial

Conversocial is a splinky software tool that helps make Facebook pages manageable.

Social media management company Tempero has wrapped a moderation service around it, ensuring that the right person with an organisation responds to what guests are saying/asking on Facebook pages.

Which is pretty powerful – a tool to manage, and a mediator to ensure that companies really do engage.

It’s still down to the company/organisation to decide what action to take, but as a lot of the legwork and perameters are set from day one, this has to make life easier, and must ensure that Facebook page guests are well looked after – no missed posts allowed as excuses. So whilst it wouldn’t avoid a situation blowing up where responses are inappropriate, it should reduce that risk by ensuring that responses are in the right hands, promptly.

It’s not just about brand protection – answering questions, letting people know about promotions, sharing fun stuff: it’s a tool and service that I think should increase positive engagement.

And the press release is here: Tempero Teams with Conversocial to Provide Advanced Facebook Page Management for the First Time

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Facebook week

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I have promised myself a bit of a Facebook week this week.

A while ago I decided I would start taking a deeper look at some of the more niche social spaces, like WAYN, and share my understanding what’s there and how best to engage.

I was about to, I confess, launch a defence of MySpace as having potential for music dissemination. I still believe this and have used it to great effect for clients, particularly as it allows a closer link to celebrities through their pages.  But I want to dig down a little having heard some musicians ‘diss; the space in the past week. But I digress.

Why look at Facebook when every man and his brother are doing the self same thing?

First up, there’s so much being said that the noise needs cutting through and some practical aspects of using Facebook for PR need examining – and frankly with 500 million active users each month, there will be constant innovation and surprise on Facebook, just because people are there.

Secondly, Tempero has just launched its Facebook management service based on Conversocial, iPlatform’s management tool. As part of that, I attend Facebook for Business, which was their launch event, and the amount of information that emerged from speakers, who included both Facebook and the people who rand Andy Murray’s page for Wimbledon, was enormous.

Some of the themes I want to pick up on are engagement itself, simple methodologies for handling Facebook interactions successfully and some pointers to Facebook success. As well. of course, as sharing some of the materials generated by others.

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News: Brands Falling Foul of OnLine Laws


  • 81% rate their knowledge of social media marketing law as limited or non-existent
  • BBC, NHS Choices, Gumtree and FutureGov unite to share best practice

London, February 25th 2010:

Dominic Sparkes, MD, Tempero

Research from moderation company Tempero, shows 81% of brands rate knowledge of laws regulating their social media marketing as limited to non-existent. The number one reason cited for low knowledge was that company activity was limited to external platforms like Facebook and Twitter, but a UK solicitor cautioned against this misconception.

Danvers Baillieu, solicitor at Winston & Strawn, who specialises in representing web based companies such as Huddle and Zoombu , and runs Bootlaw, clarified:

“If you edit or run a group or community, even if you’re not responsible for the hosting of content (such as a Flickr group), then choosing not to exercise control and ignoring requests to remove defamatory or illegal content would not be a defence to any claims brought against you.”

10 year UGC veterans Tempero, which says it  protects more blue chip brands online than any other moderation company, is pro-actively tackling brand confusion on legitimate social marketing with the launch of a free eBook called ‘UGC and the law’.

Link to e-book: Law: user generated content

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