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About the Difference Engine

Sharing the slides from the Talk on The Difference Engine given at Reading Geek Night last night:

Applications should be made via the website: by 23 July, 2010

Who funds it?

This times programme is funded and supported by a variety of organisations including One North East, Middlesborough and Sunderland City Councils.

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Reading Geek Night, March 2010

Claire Thompson, freelance PR consultant, Waves PR

Reading Geek Night is a monthly gathering bringing together folk who have something to share about technology.  Reading boasts more than its share of technology companies, from established players like Microsoft and Oracle through to upstarts like Tweetmeme.

Proof that the toilet seat debate doesn't matter

Employers have been quick to suss that there’s a room full of talent, as witnessed by announcements of vacancies made around the room, both in person and by announcement.

What lured this room full of talent last night were four presentations, all very different, all equally interesting in very different ways.

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Shrove Tuesday Shannanigans

Claire Thompson, freelance PR consultant, Waves PR

OK - I know it's clip art, but it fits :-)

I was about to say ‘how could a simple religious tradition cause so many problems?’ Then I thought about it, and realised the error of my ways.

So: who’d have thought a fun pancake race could be such a hotbed of gossip and foul play?

Vocal tweeters queued to reveal the dark side of the annual frivolity:

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Reading’s Rocking to the Social Beat

Thames Valley Park

Thames Valley Park

Claire Thompson, Waves PR

Reading’s always been a sociable place.  It’s had a festival here for years. Even the prison has a poem written about it!

It’s a mere half  hour by train from London. And it’s home to some of the biggest tech companies in the UK as well as some of the most innovative start up successes in the world, on-line and off.

But as well as being sociable, it’s also ‘social’ in the media sense.

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