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Seasons greetings

The Waves  PR Christmas tree

The Waves PR Christmas tree

Thanks to a glitch in Outlook, my website has been disappearing regularly. I am working with United Hosting to try and resolve the issue, and please accept my apologies if you’ve been affected.

A quick round up of some things that should have made blogposts over the period:

  • Women’s canoe will be in the Olympics! The work that Samantha Rippington and her colleagues have been doing have mean that both women AND men will be able to compete in future –  I hope to catch up with Sam for another blog on the subject in the new year.
  • Early next year, Global Integration will be running a campaign to stamp out dreadful meetings. I shall enjoy blogging a little more about that one when the time comes.
  • I’ve been doing some work with Topspin Digital. They do great digital work and have a great work ethic – do look them up!

I wish you a really happy 2014, when hopefully I shall be back with a complete new look – on the blog at very least!


Five minutes of fame!

At the recent Digital Marketing Show, I was roped into singing for this. It may only be a few seconds each, but I’m at 2 mins 13 and 2 mins 29 (in the out-takes). Unfortunately my singing career is limited to a single word – albeit a very important one! – “Food”.

The video is for the Beyond Food Foundation, which will be working with homeless people – I’ll share a link for you to take a peek when their site goes live. In the meantime, you can find the Beyond Food Foundation on Facebook.


Waves PR has moved: it’s good to be back

photo: boxes

Packing boxes

This blog has been silent for almost a month, somewhat accidentally courtesy of some unexpected broadband problems, awkward utilities, spammers and a move. But I’m back, and raring to go!

Despite promises to the contrary, our phone number couldn’t come with us. The new telephone number for Waves PR is: 0118 978 6086.

The office is now based just outside of Reading in Bearwood (Sindlesham) – close to Wokingham. If you’re in the area, do call and arrange a coffee!


Social Media Week: Learning from the detractors

"Social Media Week London"The appearance of ZOMG! #SMWLDN INSIGHTS FTW was a salutary reminder that in the urgency of live tweeting, people sometimes report what’s said without assimilating. It’s great. It’s very funny. It seems also to have spawned a whole detractors phenomena, following sheeplike  onto an “I hate Social Media Week” trend.

The guys at Chinwag have worked hard to make Social Media Week happen, and deserve kudos for making it happen. Although the quality of some of the sessions is -and always has been – variable, most of the events are free, and the value is not just in the panel. And you can vote with your feet!

The event as being as much about meeting new people (I work behind a screen and many of the people I know are only virtual contacts), filling knowledge gaps (shock horror, I don’t know everything!), and gathering latest trends (a great sanity check). I’m sad that many of my contemporaries aren’t making any effort to gather, but we’re all busy, and perhaps working on my own makes my desire to ‘congregate’ greater – Social Media Week gives me a focus and an opportunity to challenge my own thinking.

And I have already learned from the event. I know very little about Facebook advertising (and have only used it in a limited context) but was able yesterday to hear, direct from Facebook, about their direction – albeit accidentally. I later sat in a room full of people where the audience was as knowledgeable as the speakers, and it’s not every day that Luis Suarez of IBM is here from the Canaries or I get to question a smart cookie from Google. The value of face to face hasn’t gone away, and won’t.

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