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Greenpeace and the Old Street Storm Troopers

By Claire Thompson, freelance PR Consultant, Waves PR

So apparently Volkswagen's a bit like the Empire. Still,... on TwitpicThe Greenpeace v. Volkswagen ‘Dark Side’ storm trooper campaign is a hugely well executed integrated PR/social media/advertising campaign.

As a big Greenpeace fan on a personal level, I had emails this morning with a very easy sign up to protest message. Videos, photos, Facebook… great social stuff, all in the mix. The tactics are fantastic, brilliantly attention grabbing, brilliantly orchestrated. ‘Old Street’, where the storm troopers assembled, has been trending on Twitter.

But even as a Greenpeace fan, I’m somehow a little reticent about rubber stamping it from a PR perspective. Because at least Volkswagen does have some more ecologically friendly cars, albeit marginalised, within it’s fleet, whilst there are other car manufacturers that don’t. The green movement is strong in Germany, so maybe that filtered into their thinking as part of their strategy. Only time will tell whether they’ve made a difference, but my big fear for Greenpeace is that their tactics, rather than their message, are what’s grabbing the attention.

Their social media activity around palm oil only really gathered pace and got people’s backs up when Nestle got the hump and removed and tweet and objected to a picture using their logo. Yes, some extra attention reached the ears of a general public which might not otherwise have engaged with the campaign, but Greenpeace is running the risk of becoming the ‘Fathers for Justice’ of the eco-World: the tactics attracting more attention for themselves than for their message/cause.

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Environment: why are marine preserves so rare

Claire Thompson, Freelance PR Consultant, Waves PR

On spending money on coral reefs rather than fishing subsidies….

Earth Day

Claire Thompson, Freelance PR Consultant, WavesPR

The UK seems to celebrate Earth Hour more than Earth Day. So I picked this video, with apologies to non-Spanish speakers. Key message – change yourself first!

Wahala made this (Lo Importante – the most important thing) version of their well recognised hit especially.


Wake Up Walk Out Campaign

Claire Thompson, freelance PR Consultant, Waves PR

On the Wake Up, Walk Out Campaign:

(Text message campaign, Monday 26 April, 2010)

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