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Contacting Claire – temporary details

Well, having aimed for a trouble free time, and resolved one problem, another has reared its ugly head!

For some inexplicable reason, out of the blue, my emails have stopped working.

I am assured by the hosting company that this is a Microsoft problem. I’m currently braving Microsoft’s customer service, but in the meantime if you need anything urgently, please call me on 07771 817015, and I will provide you with an alternative email address.

(I’d post it here, but the blog had over 5 thousand (unpublished) pure spam comments cleared off it yesterday, so I hate to think what would happen if an email address was available too!)

Please note: problem now resolved!


You may have heard a rumour in the air about the return of Tweetcamp.

This may bring a smile to your face if you were at the first Tweetcamp (2009).

And Paul (who may know something about a re-run) has shared some of the joy:

Posted by Claire Thompson, freelance PR Consultant, Waves PR

Accidental journalism

Although this isn’t a UK based title, this presentation is a great example of the holistic nature of media. It’s a ‘bearbug’ of mine that people talk about ‘old’ media. There’s a role for all kinds of media and the ‘consumer’ doesn’t much care about the medium – it’s the value of the content in context that matters.

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I’ve been testing the VodPod ahead of the thupr event on Friday and would love your feedback  here, pending a feedback form going up on the page.

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