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So what’s been happening at Waves PR

Cafe Bar @ Cornerstone wine evening

I realise that this is a lazy blog, just rounding things up a little, but there’s a lot been happening.

There’s an executive summary of things you can participate in at the end, but the deatil, in alphabetical order, just for the sake of having some (order, that is):





I fix the translation and distribute press releases for AIA Software. This process is OK for online stuff, but isn’t terribly engaging, so I’m hoping to deepen that relationship to something more productive for them and more rewarding for me. They’re at Plugfest in Gouda this week talking OpenDoc.

Elegant Cuisine, Oxford Caterer (logo)





Elegant Cuisine, an Oxford caterer, has opened it’s new bar in Didcot, the Cafe Bar @ Cornerstone. They had an amazing wine evening, one which we hope will be the first of many. We’re also planning some social media training for the team at the Cafe Bar so that they can start sharing more of the good stuff that goes on whilst actually in the bar. As they had celebrities and storm troopers, hold regular science nights and Open Mic nights, there’s no reason they couldn’t have a really exciting social presence. We are also updating their website – very needed. Read more »

Waves PR and Aia Software

By Claire Thompson,. freelance PR Consultant, Waves PR


Aia logo

When my Dutch PR colleague Ingrid Wong asked if I could offer some support for Aia Software, a document creation and management company, I was intrigued. It was a great opportunity to work with Ingrid again, but document management?

When I looked at the client, it all made sense: they have a great mix of maxing documents that are regularly created (insurance documents and contracts, forms etc) but the user still needs a little bit of freedom.

I’m only offering a little ancialliary support (no capacity for much more than that) but they, and Ingrid, are great to work with, so I could hardly say no. You can see more about them on the Waves PR  AIA Software UK media/blogger resources page. You can sign up there to receive regular news.

And they just announced that they won an award from analyst firm Celent. Great start!

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