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"Start Up Britain"

The Start Up Bus

StartUp Britain has relaunched its 2015 nationwide bus tour aiming to celebrate, inspire and accelerate entrepreneurship in the UK, funded by sponsors Upwork, NatWest, Sage and the Start Up Loans Company.

It started in Canary Wharf on June 22, and finishes in Inverness on August 7, and for once Reading was on the map thanks to the folk at Connect TVT, which is making a steady impact putting start ups in The Thames Valley back onto the map. Because it’s so close to London, people forget we’re here or lump us in, yet the community is a very different one to the Silicon Roundabout.

I went along towards the end of the day and found myself roped in to advise two companies on social media strategies – one great little religious discussion forum (prophesies discussed in the context of current news), and one new event management firm. So much enthusiasm. I LOVED it!!

If Reading’s anything to go by, the buzz is fantastic. Great advisors from Sage, from Nat West, from start up bodies. And you only have a few days to get yourself along to check it out!

How old is a tech entrepreneur?

Adam Clark

Connect TVT’s Adam Clark making a case for the Thames Valley

As most of the clients I work with are either small businesses, owner managed businesses or start ups – and my own PR business is a small business – entrepreneurship is close to my heart. I’ve been working in this field for longer than I care to remember, and freelancing for 15 years now. It suits me and the buzz doesn’t go away.  Recently I’ve had cause to think a lot more about entrepreneurship.

“Around one in five people aged over 50 is self-employed, a higher proportion than for any other age group. Indeed, most entrepreneurs are in their 50s, not their 20s. They are more successful, too: more than 70% of businesses started by people in their 50s survive for at least five years, whereas only 28% of those started by younger people last that long.”

Thus noted the Guardian on Jan 1, 2014.

I have long been ‘banging on’ about old fashioned marketing targeting age groups rather than interest groups. (How long since we were all talking ‘Tribes’ in  digital circles, but it’s made little difference!) Beyond products such as nappies or age defying skin creams, there’s no real need to talk old fashioned demographics any more.

The digital field should, by rights, as a newer industry, be more liberal, more egalitarian. We are, after all in the 21st Century. But we’re hardly ringing the changes.

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What’s your freelance PR consultant worth?

I’ve seen a lot of suggestions of late that freelance PR consultants costs a lot. And in many ways, we do.  But whether we’re more expensive that having someone in-house, where the costs are roughly three times salary (office space, equipment, holidays, sickness, pensions…. the list goes on) is a moot issue.

But when you’re appointing a freelance consultant, what should you expect to pay them?

This is a complete ‘back of a fag packet’ calculation, and as holey as a Swiss cheese, but it will offer a rough idea of what you get for your money. I undertook the exercise for my own benefit, in truth, to work out why I wasn’t feeling über-rich – I didn’t give myself any answers, but thought I’d share my findings anyway – someone may find them useful.

Why does it matter?

Too often people expect to benefit financially or otherwise, from the work a freelance is doing, which is exactly as it should be, but then fail to acknowledge that freelancers are also running a business and need to keep their own mortgages paid, children fed and clothed etc. By putting these costs down from the start, I hope we can start thinking about expectations.

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A little Friday fun

So along with a long overdue overhaul of this site (which should happen next week, all being well), I changed my business cards. Quite apart from the fact that my little Moo mini-cards were beginning to look a little dated (they were nearly four years old) and I love Moo’s new square ones, my old ones had a problem. Sometimes, there are things that even your best friend won’t tell you….

So here you have the old card. The image is part of a story that I used to tell about how old fashioned PR was a teapot, the new PR needs to view organisations as  a colander. And the picture of the teapot lid DID start conversations.

Sometimes the lid came off


Sadly, I hadn’t realised what those conversations might be, until a salesman at a conference asked me exactly what it is I do for a living!



So thank you Moo for keeping me abreast of the times (see what I did there?)

business cards

The new cards! (Playing it straight)

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