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"State of Digital"This week, State of Search changed. Radically! It has morphed further in the direction that it was already headed – into State of Digital.

As a blogger for them, I like this change. I like it a lot. It reflects both the way that the search industry is growing up, and the fact that many ‘search’ professionals have talents beyond a tiny niche. As a non-SEO I was feeling that perhaps my time had run as a blogger there, but have found a renewed enthusiasm, and can’t now wait for my next deadline!

Editor Bas van den Beld is a very smart cookie, surrounded by an energetic organising team – and nice with it. I wish him – and State of Digital – the very best of luck, and can only offer huge congratulations for what I think is a really positive move.

Meanwhile, Nichola Stott, another State of Search blogger and the person I co-founded SEO PR Training with, won a couple of Wirehive Awards last night.

At a glittering ceremony in Guildford Cathedral, with an amazing magician who – I kid you not – broke my wine glass and fixed it, AND pushed a bottle through a wooden table, Nichola’s  agency, theMediaFlow, won a well deserved  ‘Best use of Search’ and ‘Fastest Growing Agency over three years’.

Congratulations to both Bas and to Nichola. Champagne anyone?



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  • By Bas van den Beld, September 20, 2013 @ 2:16 pm

    Thank you for the kind words Claire! I am glad we have you on board! I think the direction we are heading in is very exciting. Be amazed for a lot of cool stuff coming 🙂

    And for Nichola and her team champagne is indeed in order!

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