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Photo: Ilya Segalovich, Yandex.

Ilya Segalovich, Yandex, at ISS

I don’t pretend to be an SEO professional – things move so fast that I don’t believe you can do it part time and stay abreast of the skills you need. But I do train SEO people in PR techniques (through SEO PR Training), and manage an SEO company for one of my clients. So being a blogger for State of Search helps me catch the Zeitgeist. On the occasions that I’ve heard supposed professionals giving out what I think is poor, dated or questionable advice, there are some great SEO professionals also blogging who I can check the information with before publishing. It’s sad that it happens, but…

This was my most recent ‘normal’ PR related post for State of Search: on aiming higher with media targets (for SEO people).

In May I also covered ISS – the International Search Summit  – in London.

I was accidentally sent to the wrong first session, which was a part of the SMX show, running simultaneously. As it was being covered by SoS bloggers, I blogged about it anyway: Targeting the Mindset of the Customer.

I loved the Yandex interview with Ilya Segalovich – it was a throwback to those early, heady, exciting days of the Internet when the World was going to be a much better place thanks to everything being connected.

Understanding and implementing geotargetting is a write up on what matters for international search, a session given by Andy Atkins Kruger of Webcertain.

Interesting to me, hidden in the depths, was an initiative mentioned by Ilya Segalovich. Yandex is calling on Google and other engines to release user data. Segalovich thinks that search engines to work together to allow users to ‘own’ – and be able to edit – their own search results data.

Yandex already allows people collect all of their data in a single zip file. Segalovich is calling for other search engines to do the same, and allow people to port this information across search engines – perhaps at a browser level. The searcher he claims, should own their own data.

This  would make sense to everyone: we all know how inappropriate ads and content appear in search and beyond when someone else has used our browser, or we’ve made a one off search for a specific reason  – or a purchase for a third party. Being able to exclude things would improve search and targeted advertising hugely – and maybe stop me from getting FIFA 13 adverts when my children have used my PC. Sounds like a worthwhile initiative to me, and one which could play well for those concerned about privacy IF done properly.

Fellow bloggers Jackie Hole and Louis Venter also blogged at the conference – if you visit State of Search and use the #ISS hashtag, you’ll see further writeups.

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