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Cafe Bar @ Cornerstone wine evening

I realise that this is a lazy blog, just rounding things up a little, but there’s a lot been happening.

There’s an executive summary of things you can participate in at the end, but the deatil, in alphabetical order, just for the sake of having some (order, that is):





I fix the translation and distribute press releases for AIA Software. This process is OK for online stuff, but isn’t terribly engaging, so I’m hoping to deepen that relationship to something more productive for them and more rewarding for me. They’re at Plugfest in Gouda this week talking OpenDoc.

Elegant Cuisine, Oxford Caterer (logo)





Elegant Cuisine, an Oxford caterer, has opened it’s new bar in Didcot, the Cafe Bar @ Cornerstone. They had an amazing wine evening, one which we hope will be the first of many. We’re also planning some social media training for the team at the Cafe Bar so that they can start sharing more of the good stuff that goes on whilst actually in the bar. As they had celebrities and storm troopers, hold regular science nights and Open Mic nights, there’s no reason they couldn’t have a really exciting social presence. We are also updating their website – very needed.



Excitingly, Global Integration has launched its Global Working video competition. We’ve had all kinds of fantastic feedback and are looking foward to the first entries. We are also working on a new website, and the blog has never been busier.





The SEO PR Training website is beginning to look like the cobblers children with my business partner, Nichola, and I, focussing on delivery. Both of us should know better than to let our web presence falter, but it’s just had to come second. We promise to better, and I can tell you that we have some exciting things planned for December, notable around press release distribution which is a hot topic for PR and SEO people alike.



SIG – the Software Improvement Group is another Dutch company I have recently begun working with. They analyse software for quality, and when I think of the millions we’ve written off in failed software development projects, ruining careers and reputations, I think they’ll carve out an amazing niche for themselves. We have been planning a launch in the UK market, and have some fun stuff lined up. More on this one later! Suffice to say we were at Public Sector ICT this week, where their customer, the green ICT champion for the Amsterdam region, showed off the progress they’re making there in terms of green ICT. The Netherlands is one of the countries most affected by global warming as they are, essentially, lowlands, so rising seas could engulf them. However, it seems that land reclaim etc has increased the Dutch landmass over the past decade – who knew?





I’ve started helping Wilkins Chimney Sweep, the UK’s first Chimney Sweeping franchise, with some of it’s social media bits. They really only want an ‘open door’ presence at the moment as the franchise has been hugely successful and they are mostly busy delivering. So we’re gradually building them up, very slowly, to the level they need to be at. I’ll share details when we’re there!


This, of course, is all too much for just one person, so I’d like to say a huge thank you to Kim and to Louise who offer invaluable help!

I promise within the next week to blog about the inspirations Mozilla Festival, and about BW Comms, something I have promised to do with my boat blogger hat on. There, I’m now committed. Some might say I should be!

Why am I telling you this? I’ve had lots of feedback from people that they don’t know what PR people do. I can’t discuss all of it – even when it’s not especially important, it would ruin surprises if we told everyone about the good stuff before it happens. But by regularly updating and offering a little transparency, maybe, just maybe, people will start to see that PR scum are human too.

Executive summary

And if you’re feeling like a shortcut to the bits that give you something to do, the ‘executive summary’ would read:

You’re invited to a Tweetup in Didcot on December 9, 2011: Didcot Tweetup

And you can enter a video competition with a prize of £10k (or equivalent) here:




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