The end of an era

Playing with Vodpod at thupr

Tomorrow’s thupr at The Square Pig in Holborn will be the last thupr event.

It was an accidental series that has spanned two social media weeks and produced one of the very first Google + events. We’ve gamified. We’ve played. It’s had its highs and lows, big events and small events, mostly free, but the time has come for me to say ‘farewell’ – that it was fun while it lasted, but it’s outlived itself.

It’s demise is down to me: I have a busy life as a freelancer and my clients needs have to come first, so the poor event has never had the love it should have had. Communities need time, love and attention to thrive, and although it’s been a big call on my time, I haven’t given it what it needs. Which is a shame, because the events have brought together some brilliant, brilliant people with brilliant, brilliant mins, products and services.

I’ve had sporadic and invaluable help along the way – ipadio took on an entire event, I’ve had a lovely intern working with me, help from community specialist Alexander Nikolov, and more recently some really focussed, invaluable behind the scenes support from Stephen Haggard.  I’d like to thank them hugely for all they’ve done.

So, although there’s an outside chance that someone else will step up and take this group on, the last event is tomorrow. It will be bloody amazing! Why music? Our intern, Halima, wants to forge a career in music PR, and I’ve recently struggled to get information out of PRS.

We have some advice  from composer Gareth Cousins, we have the alternate view from renegade musician Steve Lawson, we have the Greenhouse Group with Track in a Box, and we have , I hope, you to keep conversations about music and all things communications going in our unconferenced sessions. We’ll have a turn from SEO PR Training, and I hope some of the suppliers who’ve been at previous events will take up this final opportunity to share their wares.

Don’t let us go out with a whimper – join us at the Square Pig in Holborn tomorrow, upstairs, at the bar and in the conversations. From 2pm.


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