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Halima Amin, Waves PR Intern

Post by Halima Amin, Waves PR intern working on the changes to, and rebrand of, the thupr – (Tools That Help Us, PR) events

What a buzzing week at Waves! Although this is to be expected a mere week before our next meet up (Mobile apps, 16th Sept).

Whilst this first meet up has really had me in the teething process of the PR world, it has only left me with much more confidence for meet ups to come. The dead ends and the glorious leads alongside the creative power given to me by Claire have all made up my experience so far.  Working on a new logo, name, format and means of communication is as exciting as it is challenging.

Even small mistakes I’ve madem such as re-calling a speaker working under a different brand for confirmation has ended well, with offers of possible future work!

After compiling a list of developers in London and making contact with every one, I realised the challenges of networking and making strong contacts.

For every dead end and mistake I have found there is opportunity, and nothing that can’t be solved with a little patience. Speaking to app developers like Mobank who encompass the diverse and changing face of app uses has really helped me to understand the enormous growth in the market itself.

Of course, without Claire’s advice and reassurance I would really be struggling to even get into the swing of things.


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  • By claireatwaves, September 8, 2011 @ 10:12 pm

    I think Halima’s been a bit generous – but I guess the first rule of business is be nice to the boss – at least to their face!

    Halima has got on and done what was needed doing and rung around lots of app developers for our event.

    Anyone doing media or blogger relations will know that this kind of ‘cold calling’ is tough – you have to be prepared for the call and take the knockbacks.(I actually enjoy this part of our job – many relationships that start this way turn into friendships over time).

    Halima’s done a great job, as you can see from the agenda, with more people to confirm on Monday or Tuesday next week.

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