Waves PR Involvement in Social Media Week

Social Media Week, London,  is going to be a busy one.

First up is a debate on ‘Who Owns the Social?’ – who should own social spaces – or at least the slice that gets the marketing budget?
Monday February 7, 2011
This emerged from a debate that I was having with Nichola Stott of themediaflow. It’s just a bit of fun, although we did ask an affiliate marketer who considered participating career suicide. She was probably right!

At the other end of the week, on Friday February 11, is the thupr event on Content Creation: Social Reporting
Friday February 11, 2011
This is a regular thupr event, given a Social Media Week theme.
A huge thank you is due to the guys at Nemisys, who I used to work alongside, for taking on the majority of the organization for the event.


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