International Literacy Day

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It’s International Literacy Day 2010. And I’ve been out PR-ing, so this blog post is late in the day, but important enough to take a few minutes to write.

774 million adults lack minimum literacy skills; one in five adults is still not literate and two-thirds of them are women; 72.1 million children are out-of-school and many more attend irregularly or drop out.

By far the greatest majority of these people are women. This is 2010. It shouldn’t be happening.

It is hugely unfair that this little work related blog is able to happen purely because I was born somewhere smart enough to educate its children – including girls! Amongst those 774 million could be another Maya Angelou, another Scobleizer, even another Shakespeare. But all that talent’s going to waste.

It shouldn’t be happening.

And we should all be trying to take a part in making it all better.

You can even raise a glass to celebrate our luck at having being given the gift of literacy:

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